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TLG Targeted Buying

Targeted Buying is an exclusive service of Tim Lamb Group that was created in response to demand from dealers and dealer groups wanting a more comprehensive approach to pursuing, and buying, dealerships.


The Targeted Buying process is carried out by our team of executives who target stores on your behalf, with complete anonymity if you choose, with your target criteria in mind. Our professionals will break down any dealer-to-dealer communication issues and approach each opportunity with the notion that everything is for sale.


If you are looking to better balance your portfolio of dealerships, or thinking about buying your first store, Tim Lamb Group can introduce you to opportunities before they are openly marketed. And, we can help you coordinate your purchase with banking, accounting, and legal industry professionals.


Whether you are a current Dealer or looking to acquire your first branded dealership, TLG provides all of engaged buyers with the following services to assist you in your acquisition:

Unanimous Shareholder Agreements (U.S.A).  

If you have a partner, our sample U.S.A is a legal document, created by auto specific lawyers that covers and considers most if not every scenario that could happen resulting in a dissolving partnership.  Our U.S.A. will save you time and money.

Banking Assistance.  

No matter what your financing requirements are, we have cultivated a list of auto specific banks that we will direct you to.  Our banks can assist in any of your financing needs from floor plan to commercial mortgages- we have solutions.


Legal Counsel.  

As we have engaged many legal teams and lawyers over the years, we provide all of our engaged clients with our best recommended auto specific lawyers to assist you in your purchase.


KPI Analysis.  

If you are new to franchised stores, knowing the key point indicators is key to knowing how best to focus your time as a new operator.  With our extensive former dealer team, we will provide you feedback on what ratio's to pay attention to in all departments.  After your purchase we will continue to assist with a monthly analysis if requested to identify areas of opportunity. 


New Dealer Applications.  

Completing a Dealer application can be a daunting task and very time consuming.  We provide you with on going assistance completing your application and are available to answer questions or to help you through the application process.


Vendor Relations.  

There are thousands of vendors that claim to make dealerships more profitable but we know which ones you will actually need.  From DMS providers to data feeds to inventory marketing and analysis, we will provide you a list of "must have" vendors as well as will provide you informative feedback on additional vendors you are considering for up to a year after your acquisition.

Compensation Strategies.

We have countless compensation packages that are provided to our engaged buyers for every position in a dealership. Ensuring your compensations and plan to people are integral to ensuring your new venture is a profitable one.  TLG will provide you with strategies on how to compensate your staff to keep them both happy and motivated.

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Analysis.

How much cash do I need to buy ABC Motors?  Is the company cash flow positive or showing a profit but bleeding cash?  Our 100+ years of experience in acquisitions and operations will help you answer these integral questions to determine what stores will best fit your budget and expected ROI.

Buyers form
Buyers Form

"“I recently had the opportunity to work with Gordie Gerbrandt during the purchase of Revolution Ford Slave Lake now Lakeside Ford.  Throughout the process Gordie demonstrated a high level of professionalism and his expertise was critical in the success of this purchase.  His assistance allowed a smooth transition to new ownership and his contributions were greatly appreciated.  I would highly recommend Gordie to anyone requiring brokerage services.”

-Terry Smyl/Donald Robertson

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