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Here is just a sample of what people are saying about Tim Lamb Group.  Let our proven track record work for you in the sale of your auto dealership, the purchase of a new one or the addition of a franchise to your group

  • There are many pieces to the puzzle which require having an experienced and knowledgable professional to guide the process fro start to finish. Brad (Bickle) truly helped in making it as stress-free as possible and gave us a great piece of mind along with getting the most important thing accomplished, getting the business sold. 
    Brian Harder
    Town’s Edge Auto

  • Tim took a difficult situation and some complicated manufacturer issues and guided us relentlessly through every step in the sale of our four stores.  His understanding of retail and ability to interpret financial data, combined with his knowledge of the manufacturer approval process, proved to be invaluable. 
    Milt Taylor
    Taylor Chevrolet
    Taylor Honda
    Taylor Buick Nissan
    Taylor Nissan CDJR

  • Dick Pryor is the ultimate professional, and he knows what he's doing. His diligence and attention to detail make working with him a pleasure. He has kept our deals moving and put me in touch with all the right people; he has connections with all the top professionals. He is extremely competent and informative—he answered all my questions. I feel very fortunate to have worked with a true professional.

    Mike Hernandez III

  • Dick Pryor did his homework, put me on a deal and kept it moving. He did not waste my time.

    Bob Crow
    Bossier Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

  • I couldn't have done this deal without Dick Pryor. I felt comfortable signing up with him from the first time we met. He didn't push me, like some others would, but he was always there with answers and support until I was ready to move forward with the sale. His expertise and contacts are what made this deal come together. We had challenges throughout the process, and he was able to keep everything going and get it finalized. Dick has two qualities that make it very enjoyable to work with him: passion and integrity. We’ve worked together on two deals and I will definitely use him again in the future. He gets things done. 
    Dr. Robert Forrester
    Four Stars Auto Ranch

  • Bob Morris provided outstanding service during the sale of our 50 year old family owned dealership.  He provided accurate and thoughtful advice throughout the buy-sell process, and continues to stay in touch even following the closing of the deal.  Bob’s depth of knowledge about the car business is second to none, and his guidance was greatly needed and appreciated.  I highly recommend Bob and the Tim Lamb Group, whether buying or selling a dealership.

    Cliff Goodwin
    Goodwin Automall

  • This was the first deal we worked on with Bob Morris and it was truly a pleasure.  Every car deal has some bumps and Bob was always able to smooth them over for both sides.  Bob is a true professional who knows how to get a deal to the finish line.  Thank you Bob and the Tim Lamb Group for getting us our first deal in the South!

    Josh Aaronson
    Island Auto Group

  • In the last year our group has purchased two dealerships thanks to the help and assistance of  Dick Pryor with the Tim Lamb Group.  We are very pleased with both transactions.  Dick understands the business and responded to our needs quickly.  He is easy to contact and stayed in touch constantly with any developments.  Dick has always presented  us with opportunities that fit our business model.  It is through these transactions and our experience with Dick Pryor and the Tim Lamb group that we plan to have a long term working relationship and obtain more stores.  
    Thomas Bies
    Elm Creek Autogroup

  • Dick Pryor of the Tim Lamb Group was instrumental in the sale of our dealership.  He always stayed in touch with us regarding the latest updates on buyers and guided our team through the whole negotiation process.  As an ex-GM executive, he was finely tuned into the franchise and state laws pertaining to this transaction.  Dick is not one of those guys who disappears on you, but leads the way throughout the process.  He is someone you can count on.  
    Wayne Eidson
    Wayne Eidson Chevrolet-Buick

  • Dick Pryor was the first broker I worked with and was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything went during the transaction.  Dick was on top of everything and constantly gave us updates and suggestions.  Great work ethic.  His years of experience, both wholesale and retail, helped us through this process.  Anxious to do another transaction with Mr. Pryor and the Tim Lamb Group.   
    Joe Chastang
    Chastang Auto Group

  • With confidence I recommend Rob Lee of the Tim Lamb Group. He was there with the right answers and proper solutions. He exceeded my expectations right through to the close.

    Gary McGrath
    Volvo Cars of Fort Myers

  • Most importantly Rob Lee understands the business and our goals.  He is quick to identify acquisition opportunities.  This enables us to work quietly and confidentially with sellers.  It's productive, efficient, and leads to a smooth close and quick start up.

    Marcello Sciarrino
    Island Auto Group

  • I really enjoyed working with Dick Pryor and the Tim Lamb Group. Dick is an excellent deal maker and knows how to drive the approval through the manufacturer. I would certainly recommend Dick to any dealer that is looking to buy or sell dealerships.

    Jay Powell
    Powell Auto Group

  • Dick Pryor was professional, discrete, and very knowledgeable throughout our entire transaction. He keeps his eyes on the details and diligently maintains the communications. I highly recommend his services if you are buying or selling.

    Jeremy Franklin
    Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi

  • I highly recommend Dick Pryor of the Tim Lamb Group. Dick's experience as a broker and former high level factory executive give him a keen insight into what exactly it takes to make a deal and get quick manufacturer approval. Dick is a professional deal maker and I depend on him to help us find deals.

    Kevin J.Coffey
    Bob Stallings Auto Group

  • Bob’s experience and knowledge is second to none. Bob knows how to match buyers & sellers to maximize value for all involved and shepherd transactions through to a successful close…

    David Hudson
    Hudson Automotive

  • Bob Morris is a true industry expert and with an excellent understanding on how to match the ideal buyer with the right seller.

    Barron Meade
    Toyota of Bristol

  • I would highly recommend Bob Morris and the Tim Lamb Group. Bob is a true professional. As a former dealer himself, he knows the business inside and out and he is a master at putting together dealership transactions. 

    John Bryan
    Bryan Auto Group

  • It is always a pleasure to work with Bob Morris on dealership listings and closings. His ability to professionally get the job done in a timely fashion while maximizing the dealer's ROI is exceptional! When we have a client that desires to sell their dealership(s), we only recommend Bob Morris as we know he will always navigate a professional, timely and profitable closing, just the facts, no drama. As we share with our clients, 'if you are serious about selling your dealership(s) then you need to call Bob Morris, he will get the job professional done while maximizing your every dollar.'

    Phyllis Goldie
    Phyllis Goldie and Associates, LLC

  • I really enjoyed working with Bob Morris and the Tim Lamb Group. Bob is a straight shooter and helped us find a dealership that is a great addition to our organization. I would certainly recommend Bob to any dealer that is looking to buy dealerships. 

    Marsh Butler 
    Butler Auto Group

  • I can’t say enough about Bob Morris, His integrity and professionalism goes beyond any one I have ever dealt with in the automotive industry. To sum it up if you are looking to buy or sell a dealership he is definitely the man to call.

    Bobby Soldano
    South Miami Kia

  • Doing business with Bob Morris of the Tim Lamb Group has been a very pleasant experience! I was directed to this "dealership sales consultant group" by a manufacturer's representative when I was approached about selling my dealership.  I felt very comfortable initially speaking with Mr Morris about the intricacies of my business and always felt "he had my back", but he also made me see my business from a  clear view without the emotions involved.  Mr. Morris, having been a dealer himself, understands this business and was able to assist the buyer and seller in negotiations with the business language we are familiar with.  I had complete access to him through personal visits, his cell phone, and email whenever I needed, and he was proactive in touching base with me regularly when his consulting was not necessary and we had moved on to the services of our attorneys.  During the closing days of the sale, he was right there beside me at the dealership and at the attorney's office...ready to assist if the need arose.

    It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend the Tim Lamb Group and Bob Morris to anyone that wants to sell their dealership successfully, legally, and ethically.

    Barbara Bush
    Rooster Bush Automotive

  • Rob Lee with the Tim Lamb Group sent me an introduction letter that I followed up on. We talked and I recognized this was my answer to experience, people skills, patience, numbers, ratio skills and certainly important – contacts for getting my dealership properly sold. Within two weeks Rob presented the buyer, drove the challenging negotiation process and finished with a very happy seller and buyer. The process was professional and now looking back well worth this decision. Frankly, considering all the navigation this deal took I'm tremendously pleased. Great job!

    Andy Goldstein
    formerly Riverbank Volkwagen

  • Tim Lamb Group helped the entire process move easily through the listing to the close of the business. Their knowledge of the value of the business was critical in determining the price for the property and the business. In the end, not only did it financially benefit me, but the process to sell was made so much easier.

    Fred Vann
    Hillsdale Chrysler Dodge Jeep

  • Not only did Tim Lamb Group assist me in purchasing an automotive business, they also helped me obtain 14 CA licenses, acquire a parts inventory service, and directed me to the best resources for used cars. Due to their expertise I was ready to conduct business quickly and my dealership is on the road to success.

    Phil Isbel
    Simi Valley Buick GMC

  • I will use Tim Lamb Group exclusively. Bob Morris stepped up in every way to make my deal happen. I don’t believe I would have experienced that level of dedication from any other broker.

    Joe Laham
    Premier Cape Cod
    Premier Cadillac

  • I think Tim set a record for how quickly he was able to get our deal approved at the manufacturer. His understanding of the entire process, network of contacts in the industry and ability to “cut through” the red tape makes him unique as an auto dealership broker.

    Tim Marburger
    Marburger Automotive Group

  • Tim’s broad network of contacts throughout the industry is substantial for an auto dealership broker. We were ready to sell one of our stores and prepared to wait awhile for the right buyer. Within 24 hours, Tim knew the right guy, called him and we had a solid offer within three days.

    Chris Haydocy
    Haydocy Automotive

  • We have worked together with Tim on six separate transactions and wouldn’t buy a store without his involvement.  We get a level of comfort having him on our side every step of the way.

    Al Coughlin, Jr.
    Coughlin Automotive

  • I was a buyer on a deal where Tim represented the seller. His professionalism, responsiveness and persistent follow-up were impressive for a dealership broker. By working together, he helped me realize that I had an opportunity that was too good to pass up. The opportunity ended up being better than we both thought. I still stay in touch with Tim and value his advice.

    Jeff Drennen
    Chevrolet Buick Pontiac GMC Cadillac of Zanesville

  • Thanks to Tim’s experience and because he took the time to understand the details complicating our deal . . . he was able to devise a plan that accomplished all of our goals.

    Steve Germain, President
    Germain Motor Company

  • Tim’s retail background, combined with his years of experience at the manufacturer, and now as a broker, made him the ideal person to help us sell our dealership. Add to that his reputation of trust and integrity and we just wouldn’t have considered anyone but Tim.
    Joe Serra, President
    Serra Automotive

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